Things I learned from other designers

5 essays on graphic design 

1. 50 Ways to Become a Better Designer:

I really enjoyed reading this article showcasing how to be the best designer possible. This essay is full of techniques, strategies and ideas on how to improve yourself as a designer. One of my favorite points the article makes is to take a shower: running water increases brain productivity. Sometimes it is the smallest things that can help boost creativity and give you the spark you are searching for. Suggestions such as read a book and take a walk outside are ones that get overlooked many times. Clearing your mind and coming back to a project, having others proofread and distract yourself with something completely off topic are all strong points this article makes. I think that we learn most of these suggestions on how to better ourselves before we graduate, but hearing it from someone that isn’t a parent or professor is refreshing.

2. 29 Things Young Designers Need to Know:

Published in 2014, this article provides answers to frequently asked questions about designing as a professional. Again, another good article highlighting important information for young designers. The biggest takeaway from this for myself is to value your work. I feel as though many times people approach me and ask for assistance using my skills I am paying a lot of money to have. Graphic Design is my career and work shouldn’t be given away for free. I think it is important to value yourself as a designer and recognize that what you are doing is your career and not just a hobby. Other good points include: say no to spec work, reject personal style and never compromise.

3. 7 Tips for Your Design Interview

I think this article is a healthy reminder of what to do before interviewing. As I approach the end of my senior year I am interviewing with companies looking for a full time job. As nervous as that might make it, it is also exciting. This was a good refresher of the things that are important while interviewing including: prepare, ask questions, dress nicely, arrive early and be passionate. Interviewing is a lot about your first impression and leaving them with a positive feeling. At this point I think it is valuable to take every interview offered to gain the experience and perfect your professional appearance.


4. The Dark Side Of “Friendly” Design

This article focuses on the shift in design over the years from the 90’s when Google was text dominant, to 2013 where technology brought in a friendly approach. Today we are seeing friendly design plastered all over advertising platforms. This article gives a great example of why friendly design is not always the answer but many don’t see that. Specifically student loan debt is being portrayed as less of a problem than it is. Subjects such as these are given false positive images which are not helping the cause. I thought this article was interesting to read a new perspective on friendly design and I believe I will make more conscious decisions on the portrayal of my future designs.

5. How to Make Money as a Freelance Designer

Great points about the realities that come with freelancing for income. Take the time to ease into freelance design instead of quitting your job and jumping right in. When you’re not busy with designing for clients you should be looking for clients. Use all the recourses allocated to you to find work and learn new traits. I also thought it was interesting that the article mentioned finding someone to form a Co-Op with. Working alone as a freelance designer day in and day out would be tiring. I can see that this article was written by someone who learned these things from experience.


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